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Welcome to Egger Orthodontics!

We are delighted to welcome you to Egger Orthodontics!
We are passionate about people - we just happen to do amazing orthodontics!

From the moment you walk through the door for your consultation, until your very last follow-up appointment, Egger Orthodontics coaches you through every step of your plan. By using the latest techniques and equipment available in orthodontics our team puts you, your experience, and your smile first.
Our downtown Issaquah office is family-oriented and patient-focused. Our team members love the relationships we build with patients, sharing stories and learning about their lives. These relationships are what make us look forward to each workday, because we know our day will be spent creating big smiles.
With over 25 years experience working with patients of all ages, Dr. Nadine Egger believes that providing an individualized course of treatment leads to better, faster results. She has stayed at the forefront of orthodontic knowledge and techniques through continuous study, lectures, and study clubs with other orthodontists.
Thank you for visiting Egger Orthodontics! To learn more about orthodontics and how we can create an amazing smile just for you, please call 425.392.2499 to schedule your complimentary consultation today!



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  2. Dr Egger supports the community and has such a gentle approach to our kids and they also love the incentive program to keep up the good teeth brushing.


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